About this site

I am only one of many, torn between wanting to maintain a self-owned presence on the web and the complications of life and work.

This site began in or around 2013 as a chronicle of what I was learning in web development (specifically WordPress related). Since then, it has become my personal online reference guide with some rather glaring time-gaps.

A lot of content is out of date. I leave it here for the robots and for anyone trying to fix a really outdated website still in production. I feel your pain.

I still publish the occasional cheatsheet and the even more occasional article. There are some ramblings too which sometimes make me cringe when I come across them. They are here to remind me that my opinions today may sound ridiculous and trite tomorrow. Also it seems just as silly to delete them as it does to leave them.

Since these are essentially my notes there are many imperfections and editing problems. They may eventually be corrected.

The most recent version of this site is built using Svelte, Sveltekit and mdsvex.